I was born in Italy and began travelling from a young age. I have lived in France, Argentina, Portugal, and currently reside in the south of Spain. My love for travel and languages seamlessly blends with my innate passion for painting and drawing.

My artistic journey has been enriched by a variety of learning experiences. In Italy, I received professional training in the conservation and restoration of antique paintings. In Mougins, the village that served as Picasso's home during his last years, I gained hands-on experience working in a sculpture studio. In Buenos Aires, I joined illustration classes led by Mónica Weiss and then perfected my craft with Jaume Cluet in Barcelona. It was in Barcelona that I also delved into the art of black-style etching at Maria Pujol's workshop.

My journey progressed in Madrid, where I pursued studies at the School of Photography. Back in Italy, I further honed my expertise in analog darkroom techniques, guided by the mentorship of photographer Andrea Lomazzi.

In 2009, I opened my first studio-gallery in Cadaqués, the village of Dalí. In 2015, I became an artist-in-residence at 59 Rivoli in Paris, and immersed myself in the world of contemporary painting at Akiko Toriumi's studio. The subsequent year, my artistic journey led me to Barcelona, to Nauart Espai de Creació, an inspiring creative enclave nestled in the dynamic art neighborhood of Poblenou. During this period, I actively engaged in art initiatives advocating for migrants, receiving support from the Barcelona City Council, the Comissió Catalana d'Ajuda al Refujat, as well as from NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders.

Following that experience, I immersed myself in art therapy, embarking on a new journey that eventually led me to undergo specialized training as an art therapist for young migrants at Casa Árabe in Madrid. During this time, I also became acquainted with Darija and initiated my exploration of photo therapy.

My commitment to aiding society's most vulnerable individuals reflects my profound belief in the transformative role that creativity plays in fostering change and human connections.

Travelling across continents and diverse artistic fields, each destination and experience has broadened my horizons. 

My human and artistic journey represents an ongoing exploration through both geographical and spiritual landscapes, where boundaries fade, giving way to shared memories.

Art is the universal language of mankind - H- W. Longfellow

Discover more about me at my old website: https://www.cristinamigliorini.weebly.com