Born in Italy and compelled by a nomadic spirit since childhood, my artistic journey has been a vibrant tapestry woven from a myriad of cultural influences and diverse learning encounters. From the remote pathways of former Yugoslavia to the Argentinean pampa, from the winding slopes of Lisbon to the stark Spanish meseta, each stop along the way has shaped my creative vision.

Trained in the classical tradition of conserving antique paintings in Italy, I ventured into the world of sculpture in Mougins, where Picasso's legacy breathed life into my work. In Buenos Aires and Barcelona, I refined my skills in illustration, while Madrid beckoned me to explore the captivating world of photography.

Establishing my first studio amidst the surreal landscapes of Salvador Dali's Cadaqués, I embarked on a journey of artistic exploration that led me to the vibrant artistic communities of Paris, Madrid and Barcelona. 

Being a migrant in a world where migration often brings hardships, my focus has increasingly turned towards the therapeutic possibilities of art therapy, particularly in support of vulnerable young unaccompanied children.

My work is a testament to the transformative power of art, transcending boundaries and fostering empathy in a world in need of connection and understanding. My artworks, serving as a source of healing for myself, strive to foster environments of healing, inspiration, and resilience for others as well, employing the universal language of creativity.