I was born in Italy and started to travel at a young age, spending extended periods of time in different countries such as France, Greece, Argentina, and Portugal. Currently, I live on the southern coast of Spain, where I enjoy the view of the African shoreline in the distance on clear days.

My artistic journey has been shaped by diverse learning experiences. In Italy, I received professional training in conserving and restoring antique paintings. In Mougins, a village on the French Riviera where Picasso spent his last years, I gained hands-on experience working in a sculpture studio. In Buenos Aires, I attended illustration classes led by Mónica Weiss and refined my skills with Jaume Cluet in Barcelona. It was in Barcelona where I also explored black-style etching at Maria Pujol's workshop. My journey continued in Madrid, where I studied at the School of Photography. Returning to Italy, I further developed my expertise in analog darkroom techniques under photographer Andrea Lomazzi's guidance.

In 2009, I opened my first studio in Cadaqués, Dalí's village. In 2015, I became an artist-in-residence at 59 Rivoli in Paris. The following year, I was in Barcelona, at Nauart Espai de Creació, an inspiring creative hub in the dynamic art neighborhood of Poblenou. Eventually, I relocated my studio to Madrid, at Espacio Mediodía, an artistic community within the heart of La Latina district.

Amidst the pandemic, I dedicated myself to art therapy, receiving specialized training as an art therapist for young migrants at Casa Árabe in Madrid. Through this practice, my goal is to offer techniques for easing stress, anxiety, and depression in unaccompanied migrant children. This envolves establishing a creative environment where they can explore their emotions, express themselves freely, and cultivate resilience.

My commitment to supporting the most marginalized members of society reflects my strong belief in the profound impact of creativity and art. I am convinced that through artistic expression, we have the potential to enact positive change and establish significant human bonds. Art possesses a remarkable ability to surpass linguistic and cultural boundaries, as well as societal conventions, enabling us to communicate and empathize on a profound level.